Tuesday 18 March 2014

OpenBSD sqlport browser

Been working lately on a simple OpenBSD package browser.  No extensive graphics, works from the terminal with navigation similar to vim.  I do this for fun.  I find it convenient for exploring existing packages.

As seen on the picture, the green section on the left enumerates the packages. The blue section on the right shows some key information related to a given package. I am only using some of the fields available from sqlports.  

Yes the colors are not the nicest, but they are convenient at the moment for laying out things and debug.

The yellow bar at the bottom is a status bar while the grey bar is the user input bar.  i.e. where  one would type 123g to select the package that corresponds to the number.  Nothing decided yet what to do with the red header.

Using "/" key allows to search for a given package name. Typing /vim would list any package that have a name matching vim.

Using "w" key will open the browser at the homepage of the package selected.  Environmental variable BROWSER must be set for this to work.  

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