Sunday, 23 August 2015

Setting up An Alternative Aquarium.

Inspired from the book of the same title
"An Alternative Aquarium: A Robust Habitat" that I just finished reading.

I will use my 20 gal long that I bought recently.  It was not really intended for this but for some dirt setup anyway.  I did not have a stand, so had to make one.  Good old 2X4 held together with home made ash dowels and 12 1/2in carriage bolts.  A coat of iron buff to throw in some color and a coat of Dasish oil still drying.  And I need to decide where to set it up. It might be my bedroom tank.

I dug out 2 full buckets of clay from the backyard.  Dug almost 2 feet down.  I don't fertilize the lawn.  So that should be ok.  There were some pretty big earthworms.  Then I need to decide if I go wild hunting for soil or if I use the pond soil I bought as this is what I was supposed to use before I read the book...

Haven't decided yet on the plants and fauna.  There will be a heater as it gets cold here in the winter.  No filter, just a pump.

Here is the pump setup.

Layering the substrate.  Clay from my backyard, pond soil and play sand.  Then time to fill up.  It's a myth that setting up a dirt tank is messy.

Adding some supports for land plants that get their water from the tank through a wick.  One of my dog, Pasha, helped with the watering mat I used to make the wicks.

The tanks as of 3 Oct 2015.  Fauna includes 9 White cloud mountain minnows and 1 hillstream loach.  As usual, pond and trumpet snails are part of the game.

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  1. Wow! And you have talent in many area -- nice DIY stand and that looks like a DIY filter to me. I have seen people grow moss on filter matting coming out the HOB filter. You could have made the water matting the full length of the side and grown moss on it. Thanks for sharing you wonderful plants tank setup!